Information for Presenters


Please check the conference program, to confirm the mode of presentation (ORAL/POSTER) of your accepted paper.

ORAL presentations: please see the exact timing of your presentation and how much time is allocated to you in the conference program. All oral presentations in regular sessions are allocated 20-minute slots (15′ presentation + 5′ Q&A). Oral presentations in special sessions, depending on the session, are allocated either 20-minute slots (15′ presentation + 5′ Q&A), or 10′ slots (for presentation) followed by a panel discussion (with all presenters of the session joining in the panel). Oral presentations in the MANPU workshop are allocated 30-minute slots (20′ presentation + 10′ Q&A).

POSTER presentations: the maximum poster dimensions are 0,85m width x 1.2m height (i.e. A0 paper size in PORTRAIT orientation). Please do not print posters that exceed these dimensions!